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The best place to shop in Otaru!


There are many glass studios and stores in Otaru, the city of glass. You can find a wide variety of glassware, from the familiar to the gorgeous, lined up narrowly in the stores.
You can try making original glassware in a glassware-making trial. Great as a souvenir of your trip!

Music Box

A famous souvenir of Otaru is a music box. Many music boxes are lined up in nostalgic buildings. You can not only find a music box of your liking among the huge line-up but also enjoy music performances at the antique museum or try making your own music box.


Life in the north with candles—the snowy city of Otaru also suits the gentle glow of candles very well. An event of snow and candlelight is held in Otaru in February. Would you like to find one that suits your liking in the city of Otaru?

Alcoholic Drinks

Japanese Sake, wine, and beer—we also recommend Otaru Sake, made with Otaru’s delicious water.

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