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Local Culture

Local Culture of Otaru

Introduction of the Daily Life That Otaru Residents Enjoy
Shrine Festivals

Definitely do not miss the festivals in Otaru if you are coming here for a visit! You may find it strange that there are festivals in Otaru, but if we include those held at small local shrines, many kinds of festivals are held every month from May to the end of the year.

The most notable of these festivals is the Otaru three great festival.

・Suitengu Shrine (mid-June)
・Ryugu Shrine Annual Festival (late June)
・Sumiyoshi Shrine Annual Festival (mid-July)

Apart from Shinto rituals performed by each shrine, such as carrying portable shrines, taiko drumming, and performing Kagura dance, the street vendors also serve as entertainment.

Local Events

Otaru is also a city with many events.We also hold various events such as live concerts and exhibitions where residents gather.

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