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Delicious Otaru Cuisine


All things considered, sushi made with ingredients from Otaru’s foreshore and nearby waters is the best. We highly recommend the Botan shrimp, sweet shrimp, tuna, sea urchin, abalone, mantis shrimp, and scallops.


The most familiar fishes to Otaru kids are Atka mackerel, flounder, salmon, and cod. Head to a nearby market and check them out for yourself! The processed products in Otaru are all delicious—it truly is a seafood paradise.

Otaru Ankake Yakisoba

It is said that there are more than 50 restaurants that serve Yakisoba with thick sauce—it is the soul food of Otaru residents. The feature of this dish is that the noodles are well browned and covered with a generous amount of sauce. It is full of ingredients, making sure to fill you up.

Japanese and Western Sweets

Japanese Sweets: Otaru has long been full of rice cake shops. You can find many delicious foods such as the Otaru signature skewered dumplings, pink and sweet mochi cake, and Otaru’s specialty Beko mochi.

Western Sweets: Plenty of western sweets are also available at places such as local sweets shops that are highly particular about handmaking sweets, sweets shops that have gone national, and major sweets shops in Hokkaido.

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