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Otaru City Center

Otaru is full of picturesque sceneries, such as the canal, old state-owned Temiya Line tracks, historical buildings, and hill paths.

Located only a 20-minute drive from the ocean and mountains, the city is a place where you can enjoy beautiful nature.

Otaru has many faces throughout a day and all year round, so please discover your favorite scene.

Leaving JR Otaru Station, you can see the ocean in front of you. First, to the classic spot, Otaru Canal. Descending a gentle slope, you arrive at the Former National Railways Temiya Line, which used to be the cornerstone of Hokkaido. When you see the stone building that used to be a bank, you’re almost there. Crossing at the traffic light, you’re at Otaru Canal. First-time visitors should turn right here. Walking along the canal, you will find yourself wanting to hold someone’s hand. For visitors coming by bus, the last stop is right in front of Otaru Station. 

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